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PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE, for January/February, 2017
Greetings again from your HOA Board.
First off, we all hope that the new year of 2017 has started off right, and is treating you all well. It has been an interesting year already in many ways.
By way of report from our annual General Membership Meeting held on November 10, 2016, we welcome Julius Ekeroma as a newly elected Board member. Since the meeting was held, Carol McCoy, who was elected to the Board in November of 2015 has resigned and been replaced on an interim basis by John Barnes, our tireless Webmaster and once again Board member. Thank you John for your renewed and continuing service to the neighborhood. That position will be filled permanently by election this upcoming November.
As regards the proposed and still pending view protection amendment, more votes came in at the November General Membership Meeting, but there are still not enough votes tallied to meet the requisite number to be acted on.
 As I have written here in the past, view protection is a complicated and often divisive issue, and one on which Washington law is not particularly clear. There are those among us that think the pending measure does not go far enough to protect views. There are also some that think it gives too much power to those with views over those who do not. Others still think that enforcement of the proposed amendment, if passed, will be difficult because the scope of protection will be difficult to quantify.
 All HRE residents are entitled to their own opinions, however, without enough votes on this measure to either make it formally part of our CCRs or to lay it to rest, the question of whether HRE and its Board have any meaningful tools for the enforcement of views will remain an unsettled issue. Therefore, this Board is encouraging all those of you who have not yet voted, to do so. It is the present Board’s understanding that the prior Board had this proposal reviewed by legal counsel. Based on my own experience as a land use attorney, the current proposal is probably the best level of protection we could hope to amend into our CCRs, for what that is worth, and I do believe that the intended scope of protection can be quantified and enforced. Text of the proposed measure can be found here on the HRE website as can ballots. Please feel free to fill out and return one if you have not previously voted.
Also, we have been asked to remind everyone (1) to remember that the speed limit within HRE is 25 mph and to abide by that law, and (2) to be familiar with our HRE covenants and regulations. This last one is important in order not only to keep our own properties in compliance, but also to keep us informed as to what is and isn’t allowed in regard to what we see around us. Our governing document do matter.
Lastly, the Board continues in its quest for committee members for the various committees that would work with the Board to assist with things like landscaping oversight, ACC review, enforcement issues, and even welcoming (our only currently functioning committee). Please send in statement of interest to the Board at the e-mail addresses of our Community Association Manager, Correna Hill at correna.hill@targarealestate.com, or just show up at the next monthly meeting (2nd Thursday of each month at the TPD substation).
Best Regards,
Jeff H. Capell, Board President

CC&R Amendment


Management Change
June 20,2014
Dear Harbor Ridge Estates Members:
Your Board of Directors has chosen Targa Real Estate Services, Inc. to provide
management services for your community beg
inning July 1, 2014. Targa Real Estate
Services, Inc. specializes in management of community associations in King and Pierce
Counties. We are a local company and have been in business since
1987. Our office is
located at 720 S 348
th Street, Suite A-2, Federal Way WA 98003. We look forward to
assisting you and your association
in every way possible ..
As your association management company, Targa Real Estate Services, Inc. is responsible
for maintaining accurate books and records of
the association's financial activities,
producing monthly income and expense stateme
nts, financial reporting, administration of
accounts receivable and accounts payable, and a
lso acts as advisor to the Directors. We
share a similar goal: p
rotection and value enhancement of the investment you've made in
Harbor Ridge Estates.
We can be contacted with specific questions or concerns regarding your association at
(253) 815-0393. As your Community Association Manager, I can be contacted via e-mail at

jcape@hotmail.com Normal correspondence with the association's Board of
Directors should be submitted in writing to PO Box 4508, Federal Way WA 98063 or via 
e- mail at
Correna.Hill@targarealestate.com. This includes questions concerning common areas,
 CC&R enforcement, billings; architectural control requests, and other concerns.
I look forward to meeting each member and serving as your Association Manager.
Correna Hill– Direct Line 253-54-6047
                                       Main office 253-815-0393
Thank you so much
Correna Hill
Community Association Manager
Targa Real Estate Services, Inc.
PO Box 4508
Federal Way, WA  98063

253-754-6047- Direct Line
253-815-0393 - Office
253-815-0191 - Fax

Speed Limit is 25 within Harbor Ridge Estates
According to city info at he following link, the limit is 25mph unless otherwise posted.

Please help keep everyone safe, Thank You

Welcoming Information

Here is a quick overview of your Homeowners Association.  This Link covers "What is a Homeowners Association", "About Your CC&R's", "Your Association's Board of Directors", "The Association Manager", "HRE HOA Assessments Billing and Payment Policy" "Making Improvements to your Property", and the "CC&R Compliance Process".

Welcome Newsletter is being updated, your patience is appreciated. 

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Correna Corbett – Direct Line 253-54-6047
                         Main office 253-815-0393

Board Meeting

Board meeting are on second Thursday of each month  
set for 6:30pm to 8:30, @ Northeast Tacoma Police Substation.


Annual Meeting was held November 10, 2016
December = No Meeting

Meetings 2017
January 12
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Annual Meeting is
in Nov,


Keep the Burgler OUT of your Home / City of Tacoma Safe & Clean Team / Illegal dumping information

Established in 1989, Harbor Ridge Estates is a premier planned community within the subdivision of Northeast Tacoma and Pierce County. The main entrance to the community is located on Northshore Parkway between the cities of Brown's Point and Federal Way. The community includes 352 single family homes and ten (10) Common Areas integrated within five (5) division of the development.

Harbor Ridge Estates combines the niceties of modern suburbia with the peace and quiet of cul-de-sac life, yet it's less than five (5) miles from the heart of downtown Tacoma with government buildings, shops, malls, theaters, museums and daily entertainment within a large children's park & zoo.

The Community...
The epicenter of Harbor Ridge Estates community life lies just within the Main Entrance at the Rose Garden. One of ten (10) Common Areas, this quiet and beautiful landscaped area consist of various species of vegetation such as Ferns, Roses, Azaleas, Rhododendrons, Fir Trees, Alders and Evergreens. The Rose Garden provides a serene location to just relax and watch the many varieties of birds that frequent the area or to just take a slow walk along the pathway among the trees and plants.

Map and Driving Directions
Map of Harbor Ridge Estates
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Directions from Federal Way

The Website
Our website was developed by our Homeowner's Association to serve as an informative resource for the activities within the Harbor Ridge Estates community. This site is not only a resource for the residents of Harbor Ridge Estates, or soon-to-be residents, but also for prospective homeowners. Feel free to look around, but please understand that some of the content is restricted to our Board of Trustees and Community Agent. When you see a "logon" page you will know that you have tried to access a restricted area. If you are a Harbor Ridge Estates resident and you have a need to have access to specific information that has been restricted, please contact the Association's Community Business Agent, 

Correna Corbett

, @ Targa Real Estate Services, Inc

To contact any of the listed members of the Board of Trustees, please send your request or comments to Targa Real Estate Services, Inc. at Correna.Corbett@targarealestate.com or call: 1-253-815-0393

Please feel free to contact the Website Administrator with your comments and suggestions.

Thank You.

The Grounds ...
A well landscaped and maintained community, Harbor Ridge Estates is conveniently located only a short distance to golf courses, parks, lakes, beaches, and boating facilities on Puget Sound. The location of the community provides opportunities for outdoor activities that include biking, hiking, camping and sailing on lakes, to the various underwater challenges of beautiful Puget Sound. Many locations in the community provide various views of Commencement Bay, Mount Rainier, The Cascade and The Olympic Mountain Ranges as well as breathe taking views of the summer evening sunset over Puget Sound.


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